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Highest Quality Office Furniture

Looking for used office furniture in New York? The Office Furniture Store has a huge selection of used office furniture such as desks, chairs, cubicles, and more. Whether you’re looking for executive desks or conference room tables, we can accommodate your NY used office furniture needs.

We offer the lowest prices and highest quality product for your hard earned dollar. Here at Office Furniture Store, we are constantly negotiating with our suppliers to insure that our customers get the lowest pricing for our high quality products


Great Quality Used Furniture

The Office Furniture Store sells famous name brands of used office furniture for the lowest price possible. We want you to feel confident that you are getting the best quality, the best price, and the best service. Hundreds of chairs, files, desks, workstations, and accessories are available for you’re first hand consideration at any given time and our quest for new items is never ending.

We are constantly updating our used inventories as we find the opportunity to take in great quality used furniture. We are committed to providing our customers with Ready to go solutions for their office furniture needs.

Stylish And Comfortable Office Furniture

Do you find yourself exhausted after the workday? Do you find it difficult to concentrate during the workday? If so, you probably don’t have the right office furniture. Purchasing quality used office furniture that fits your budget is so important. Luckily, The Office Furniture Store is here to help! Our focus is to create a healthier work environment for you and your staff.

We offer both new and used selections and can work with you to optimize the ergonomic comfort of your workplace so you can ensure your office is both stylish and comfortable.  Whether you’re in need of chairs, desks, tables or cabinets, our team at The Office Furniture Store can help you transform your office into space where functionality and style aren’t mutually exclusive concepts.

Great Selection of Office Furniture

The Office Furniture Store provides high quality new and used office furniture at prices that businesses can afford. As a supplier of used, re-manufactured and new office desks, chairs, and filing cabinets, we provide you with options to fit your budget.



Purchase your office furniture from a company that can help you design work environments that employees love, and that the boss is glad to pay for. You will be provided with real savings and extraordinary service. We simply offer you more for less.

Used & Refurbished Office Furniture

Want to give your office a modern look without sacrificing comfort? We have just the right office furniture for you.


The Office Furniture Store is the office furniture solution you’re looking for. Featuring a comprehensive selection of chairs, used office desks, conference room furniture and cubicles.


With The Office Furniture Store, you are guaranteed to get just what you are looking for; you just need to explore a bit to find the best furniture for you!