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Quality Functional Office Furniture

The Office Furniture Store is a bit of a hybrid business as it provides quality new office furnishings and quality used office furniture. This distinction allows us to fill a niche where both new and existing businesses can benefit; providing quality functional furniture that doesn’t have to extend a budget.

It has been our experience that buying remanufactured office furniture generally offers savings of 30 to 50 percent below the cost of new furniture. First, you won’t have to pay expensive storage or waste disposal fees for your outdated furniture.

Second, you may have additional depreciation advantages to extending the life of your existing furniture instead of incurring an additional capital expenditure.


Quality Pre-Owned Office Furniture

The Office Furniture Store entered the furniture industry to provide clients with quality pre-owned office furniture at a value price point, in a prompt and efficient manner. Our concentration is on the skillful, innovative reconstruction of office furniture that uniquely presents itself for future use. The recycle and reuse philosophy we’ve adopted is basic to our operating structure and the solutions we make available to our customers.

At The Office Furniture Store, our knowledge and experience in the used office furniture industry enable us to render specialized service by going that extra distance to offer far better quality than anyone could ever expect.

Furnishing Great Workspaces

The Office Furniture Store specializes in furnishing great workspaces. We offer a high level of service, in combination with quality brand name products, discount pricing, and design and installation experience. We have successfully furnished thousands of offices, and can use that experience to tackle any type of project for you.

Whether you have a new space to outfit, or you need to get your existing space into gear. And, you have a budget. Contact The Office Furniture Store today to get a nice design for your office, with furniture that brings thought processes and collaboration to life. After all, a good portion of your life is your work life, so why not get a nice work environment to enhance it all. For more info visit : http://www.theofficefurniturestore.com/

Epic Range Of Commercial Office Furniture

We at The Office Furniture Store simply deliver an epic range of quality commercial office furniture at tiny prices. Our products are not to be confused with low quality “domestic” items – all products supplied by us are equally suitable to the rigorous demands of a high pace office environment as they are to the home office and backed by excellent warranties.

Whether you are looking for a full executive suite or a single specialty item, you can count on The Office Furniture Store to provide:

  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Durable and Attractive Materials
  • Flexible Commercial Rental Options

For more info visit : http://www.theofficefurniturestore.com/

Stylish And Comfortable Office Furniture

Do you find yourself exhausted after the workday? Do you find it difficult to concentrate during the workday? If so, you probably don’t have the right office furniture. Purchasing quality used office furniture that fits your budget is so important. Luckily, The Office Furniture Store is here to help! Our focus is to create a healthier work environment for you and your staff.

We offer both new and used selections and can work with you to optimize the ergonomic comfort of your workplace so you can ensure your office is both stylish and comfortable.  Whether you’re in need of chairs, desks, tables or cabinets, our team at The Office Furniture Store can help you transform your office into space where functionality and style aren’t mutually exclusive concepts.

Highest quality & Durable Office Furniture

The Office Furniture Store is the leading supplier of QUALITY office furniture. We supply used Office Furniture, Office Chairs, used Office Desks and Computer desks at unbeatable prices! We stock a huge range of office chairs, office desks, computer desks. We have Highest quality office furniture in NY – durable, contemporary and designed to suit all budgets.

We are always striving for excellence in all areas of our organisation and we hope our many years of experience in the office furniture industry helps us to achieve this. We pride ourselves on being genuine, fair and efficient at all times. Stop by The Office Furniture Store location today and experience the difference personalized service makes.

Furniture from a High-end Manufacturer

Are you looking for reconditioned furniture from a high-end manufacturer like Steelcase, Knoll or Herman Miller for a fraction of the original cost? If so, The Office furniture store will be able to take care of your order. If you’re looking for new office furniture with classic or contemporary flare, we have that too. Find deals in our New York area and purchase used office furniture.

Our Long Island used office furniture store brings you a revolving stream of affordable secondhand and discounted used office furniture. Our used office furniture selections and inventory includes casegood items such as desk, office chairs, cubicles, conference tables, and numerous other office furniture niches.