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Chairs are perhaps the most important piece of furniture in your office environment. They greatly affect your comfort and productivity. The Office Furniture Store offers wide selection of office furniture that is used for sale to meet a variety of personal needs: Ergonomic, executive, leather, conference, stools, big & tall, stack, and guest and reception areas.

We have been able to maintain our large, satisfied customer base by providing excellent service. The Office Furniture Store has a unique staff that specializes in providing high quality customer service in every aspect of the sale. We believe it is everyone’s responsibility to provide excellent customer service.


Quality Functional Office Furniture

The Office Furniture Store is a bit of a hybrid business as it provides quality new office furnishings and quality used office furniture. This distinction allows us to fill a niche where both new and existing businesses can benefit; providing quality functional furniture that doesn’t have to extend a budget.

It has been our experience that buying remanufactured office furniture generally offers savings of 30 to 50 percent below the cost of new furniture. First, you won’t have to pay expensive storage or waste disposal fees for your outdated furniture.

Second, you may have additional depreciation advantages to extending the life of your existing furniture instead of incurring an additional capital expenditure.

Office Furniture Provider LI

Each piece of office furniture your company purchases is an investment. An investment that is essential to employee productivity and overall business performance. We recognize that workplace environments constantly change and the need for qualified professionals to assist you in managing these changes is the very essence of The Office Furniture Store.

When you choose The Office Furniture Store as your office furniture provider, you’re choosing a business partner that can help you every step of the way. You get affordable top quality used office furniture long island and a professional knowledgeable staff to help you through the entire process.

Most Extensive Office Furniture

Give your office a stylish makeover with Long Island used office furniture. The Office Furniture Store carries the most extensive line of executive office furniture that is sure to bring about an air of professionalism and life to any executive office. There are hundreds of unique designs and colors to choose from to cater to the tastes and wants of any top-level executive.

You can make a lasting impression on your customers and potential clients with the proper layout of quality furniture decor within any executive office. And while our prices are great, it’s our service that keeps our customers coming back, time and time again.

Highest Quality Office Furniture

Looking for used office furniture in New York? The Office Furniture Store has a huge selection of used office furniture such as desks, chairs, cubicles, and more. Whether you’re looking for executive desks or conference room tables, we can accommodate your NY used office furniture needs.

We offer the lowest prices and highest quality product for your hard earned dollar. Here at Office Furniture Store, we are constantly negotiating with our suppliers to insure that our customers get the lowest pricing for our high quality products

Office Chair At Best Prices

At The Office Furniture Store, we recognize that people and companies are tasked with getting more done with fewer resources and less time. That’s why our goal is to help you get what you want, as quickly as possible. Everyone has different tastes, needs and budgets–so by maintaining an unsurpassed selection of furniture manufacturers, we’re able to meet our customer needs.

Whether you’re looking to replace a single, worn-out office chair or to furnish your entire corporate headquarters. The Office Furniture Store is the one and only stop for quality new & used office furniture. With a huge selection of office furniture, here you’ll find exactly what you need at the best prices.

Huge Range of Office Furniture 

The Office Furniture Store is US’s leading online supplier of QUALITY office furniture.  We specializes in a huge range of used office furniture and home office furniture. We stock a huge range of office chairs, office desks, and computer desks. We have a wealth of experience in supplying quality furniture at affordable prices.

We supply furniture to all sizes of business right down to the home office. We are main agents for many of the US’s leading manufacturers and supply office furniture in NY. We are always available for help and advice with any problem the customer may have and try to go the extra mile. We want people to know that they have made the right choice with their order.